I’m Back!

Welcome Back!

(I suppose that ^ should be to me as well)

I’m sure that many of you have realised but i haven’t posted or written anything in a while and honestly I don’t have a good excuse! Basically I have been busy, not really with anything major as it’s the holidays but just with little things that haven’t really left me time to write. I think though that over the past few months I have really grown up and matured quite a bit and I do have a good story about how I did it. I thought it would give lots of good advice to all young girls (and boys) out there so that is what my next post will be!

This post was more of just a little note to my readers to explain where I’ve been and what is happening now but I will be writing every Wednesday and Sunday and it will be uploaded at 5pm (British Time).

Anyway I hope everyone is okay and that you will all continue to share opinions and thoughts on my blog and overall just have something nice to look forward to, as always I will be answering all questions or comments below.

Thanks for Reading



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