Dealing with the Heat!

Welcome Back!

Sorry I didn’t post last week, I was ill on the Wednesday and on the Sunday, I was enjoying the lovely weather we had so sorry!

Anyway, I hope you are having a good week so far, the weather in England has been fabulous! On Monday it reached 31 degrees at one point which is amazing but not so good when at school or trying to sleep so I thought I would share my favourite tips with you so you can survive the sudden warm weather!

Firstly is to definitely drink a lot, ice water with fruit in it is great, one drink I have been loving is very easy to make, water with ice, a squeeze of lime and some torn mint leaves trust me it is great to cool down,

Another thing is sun cream, a great one I have been using is the Nivea aerosol one as it so quick and easy to use!

Eating fruit is also good as one, it is healthy but it is cool and makes me feel a lot better

Now for falling asleep I always have a fan on in my room and the door open and all the windows open to get as much natural cool air in as possible, then just before going to sleep, I dips my fingers and toes into ice with water to make them as cool as possible as that cools the whole body down and don’t bother drying them before going to sleep as it will dry quickly.

Thank You for reading, see you soon!



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