My Evenings…

Welcome Back!

So as you know, I’m still in school so I don’t get back that late which means I do have time do things when I get back, so here is my evening routine, and I’ll try and make it realistic, just like the morning routine I did on Wednesday,

I finish school at 3.30pm and usually hang around for about 10 minutes chatting before walking home then I get back at about 4pm. As soon as I get home I lounge around for about 20 minutes and maybe have a biscuit and a drink whilst checking social media.

At around half 4 I start on some homework and then at about quarter past 5 I usually get distracted and start procrastinating so then for the rest of the evening I read a bit, watch a couple of episodes of my current show, (currently The Vampire Diaries), and then at about 7 I eat dinner.

In the evening I shower then let my hair dry whilst I pack my bag for the next day. At the moment there is a show on called Love Island on Itv2 so I watch that at 9 but before I read a couple of chapters of my book. Once Love Island finishes I go straight to sleep,

Thanks for Reading, leave any requests or ideas below,



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