Exam Techniques!

Welcome Back!

I hope you are all having a good week so far!

I’m lots of you out there have there GCSE’s at the moment so good luck to you all and I hope you all do well! Today I thought I would write about a similar topic, being exam techniques, revision for example. Now, I haven’t and aren’t taking my GCSE’s or any major exams around now just end of year exams which although not a massive deal, can determine my classes for next year. So today I thought I would share with you my best revision tips, last week I did a post on not stressing at school and that is a great place to start so head over there and check it out…

I personally learn from repeating things again and again and find visual aids very helpful so firstly ill list my favourite revision ways.

Questions and Answers, so having either a friend or family member ask different questions about a focused topic and in different orders. This always helps me to notice things and remember patterns for example.

Videos, online and on YouTube, there are thousands of videos on different topics and subjects that can go through things slowly and you can always rewind to watch it over and over again if you miss something and to take notes.

Flash Cards, Stick them everywhere, I always put them up everywhere I always go, by my charger, at my straighteners and by my makeup and clothes because I always see them so it gets stuck in my head.

Bright colourful posters, similar to flash cards and post it notes but I often find that if something is in pretty boxes I am more likely to read it.

These are all of the tips that I find usefull so I hope you do too,

Thanks for reading,




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