My Morning Routine (Realistic)

Welcome back,

I hope you all had a good week, it was my half term so I was very thankful to be able to just relax with friends! Although it is summer term now so it is a lot more fun! Today I am sharing with you my morning routine, this would be before school so it is a lot quicker and earlier than a weekend, also I have tried to make it realistic because lets be honest, I don’t jump out of bed and get ready immediately!

  • 6:50- My alarm goes of and I take my phone of charge, I usually scroll through Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram…
  • 7:05- I drag myself out of bed to the bathroom where I use the toilet and do my skincare routine, I did a post on it a while a go although it hasn’t changed much so click here to see it!
  • 7:15- I head back to my room where I straighten my hair,
  • 7:25- I then put on my uniform which I have to admit isn’t as bad as some schools, in the winter I wear the school skirt, tights, brogue shoes, shirt, tie and blazer and then in the summer I change to a blouse and socks!
  • 7:30- Downstairs I eat breakfast, usually with my mum as my brother and dad are still asleep! For breakfast ideas click here!
  • 7:40- I brush my teeth and head back to my bedroom,
  • 7:45- At this time I make sure my hair is fully straightened and then style it simply with a clip,
  • 7:50- For a final finish to my morning routine I do my makeup, for school I don’t do anything fancy, just concealer, eyebrows, powder, mascara and sometimes highlight!
  • 8:05- Yes I know 15 minutes is a long time to do a small amount of makeup but from my room to the door I always manage to procrastinate a lot, oops! So yes I leave at 8:05 and to my school it is about a 20 minute walk.

Thank you for reading and I will see you soon!


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