School Stress

Welcome Back,

Today I will be talking about how to cope with stress for school mostly!

Lots of people go to school dreading it and find it worrying, I am not one of those people though so I thought today I would share with you how I enjoy school without being stressed!

Firstly I think it is very important to tell yourself you will enjoy it, this means don’t tell everyone you meet how much you hate Mondays, let them know why you enjoy Fridays instead! About two years ago I would wake up on a Monday and let everyone know how much I hated them but one day I woke up and I just realised that I didn’t hate them and I had no reason to. I think a lot of the time the reason people say they hate something is because everyone says that or they have just told themselves it for so long they don’t know it is real anymore.

My second tip for not getting stressed about school is to be organised. My school gives us a homework planner to write down the subject, homework and due date etcetera, this help me to know what I need to do and when it needs to be done by. I am a very ‘leave it to the night before person’ but my tips are that if you are like me then try and do a bit at the weekend because I can do it in front of the TV without rushing it and also if it is larger piece try and do it in stages. Also, packing your bag the night before means you can go to sleep without worrying about what you need to do.

Also I think having a good morning routine helps because you know what you need to do so you don’t run out of time, I thought for my next post I would tell you all my morning routine which might help you all out a bit!

I also haven’t included Exam techniques but I will do a post on that a soon!

Thank you for reading!



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