How to Pack

Welcome Back!

So today I thought I would help you out and give you my advice on packing and how I do it to time save and keep it neat!

The first thing I do is create different sections, Clothes, Makeup, Toiletries and Misc because then I can put certain things together and it helps make it stress free. I then go through my wardrobe and depending on where I am and how long I am going for I put everything down in the clothes section, I then go into my bathroom and do the same for toiletries and the same for Makeup. Two or Three days before I go I will get a suitcase out and decide on what size it needs to be and then I will go through the list once more and pack everything that is written down.

[Tip 01, if you are struggling for space then it is much easier to roll all your clothes as it takes up far less space!]

For the Misc section I usually include items such as chargers, books, laptop (anything electronic really) and any other things I might need for the trip i’m going on. I like to pack at least 2 days in advance so I have time to buy things if need be and when the day comes I can just zip up the case I’m ready to go!

I hope this helped you all! See you soon,



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