What I eat in a day…

Welcome Back!

Hi, so today I thought I would share with you my regular meals that I have each day.. so lets get started!

Each morning in wake up and have breakfast ,usually at 7.30 I always have a bowl of cereal and a glass of water, my favourites at the moment are Raisin wheats and Porridge just because they both fill me up until 10, when I have a snack…

At around 10 I have a Belvita soft bakes bar, especially the red berries because I love them! I usually have a glass of water too because I honestly think it helps my skin stay clearer.

For lunch I always have a snack because its quick and easy especially at school, I might have a sandwich or wrap or maybe even a salad depending on how I feel at that time.

When I get back from school at around four I always have a snack which to be realistic could be absolutely anything, for example yesterday I had a slice of toast but I might have a yoghurt or a biscuit or and apple depending on my mood!

The final thing I eat before bed is my dinner which once again is anything, yesterday I had tuna pasta bake but today I am having pasta, it will always be a main meal though and always delicious because my mum is a great cook!

That is all really, I hope you had a nice weekend and have a good week!



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