Welcome Back,

One of the biggest issues of Secondary School, I think anyway, is popularity. There are always groups, not necessarily mean girls ect. but just different groups and in my experience there has always been a ‘popular group’.

If you do research what being popular means it is when someone is liked or has a lot of friends. You see when I look back at all the schools I have been to or that I know of, the popular group is just a group of people who usually the most confident and people either want to be like them or fear them. They aren’t usually friends with everyone in the year and in fact those who are friends with everyone and are they nicest people I know are never actually referred to as popular.

Now I’m not saying this means they aren’t popular or well liked but I think other time in some schools, the definition of popular has either changed or has been thrown around too much and doesn’t mean anything anymore.

So my message for today is that because people don’t refer to you as ‘popular’ it doesn’t mean you aren’t and there probably are some people who would like to be just like you.

If you do want to become well liked and friendly and well.. popular, here are a few ideas!

  1. Be nice to everyone to people hear about how nice you have been to people
  2. Laugh at jokes and know how to take a joke
  3. Help people in class with ideas and work
  4. Listen to people when they are upset
  5. Don’t be nice and then when they have walked about talk about them behind there back.
  6. And finally, don’t worry about what everyone thinks of you, walk around with confidence… but not arrogance!

Thanks for reading!



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