Talking about my Future

Welcome Back,

Recently at school I have been having to choose what GCSE’s I would like to take and I have decided, for any of you interested I am taking:

  1. English Language
  2. English Literature
  3. Maths
  4. Combined Science
  5. Geography
  6. Italian
  7. GCSE Business
  8. Food Nutrition
  9. Music

So nine in total, if you do want me to do a post or just to speak to you about them then comment below x

But anyway, doing that has made lots of people worry about Universities or what jobs they want to have and I have to say it has made me think a bit more. I just think though that as a teenager you are going to go through good and bad phases and you don’t have to decide on everything now, I know people who have gone to University not knowing what they want to do at all and then have come out applied for a selection of random jobs and picked on they like the sound of. I just thought although this post is quite short I would share it with you in case some of you are worrying,

Thank You for Reading



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