Thirteen Reasons Why Review…

Welcome Back,

So today I am going to be doing something that I am sure lots of you will have already read or written your self but I am going to be telling you my favourite parts and characters. Yes, that’s right, a Thirteen Reasons Why Review. If you haven’t heard of it then 1) I am very surprised, 2) It’s a new Netflix series and 3) I will be sharing some spoilers so you might want to close this 🙂

Okay so first I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the characters,

First obviously is Clay, where do I start with Clay Jenson, I like his character but lots of the things he does and how he handles things just really annoys me, and unlike some of you I shipped him and Sherri. Sherri was actually my favourite character, I loved that although she did something wrong she was a nice person and I can understand she was sacred of what she did but she tried to make it up to people, maybe not in the best way possible but she did try.

The other character I want to discus is of course Hannah. Hannah is a very difficult character to talk about because of what happened but I want to share with you all truthfully what I think, I think that although so many things happened to her and how many of them were horrendous that she shouldn’t have left the tapes because she isn’t their anymore to apologise if she regretted is and has no way to undo what happened. She did have things done to her that were horrible but also some things weren’t reasons for suicide but things that idiots at school had done. I honestly think the only person who deserved to be on the tape was Bryce because lots of the people I came to hate throughout the series was because of what happened in the present. Take Courtney for example, although she did some very stupid things to Hannah it was because she was scared which isn’t a very good excuses but a reason why she did it. It was only after Hannah died and she carried on making horrible choices to hurt people that I hated her, because she knew part of what she had done had killed Hannah, and she carried on lying for her own sake. That is why I hated her. Then their were others who, like Sherri, had other things going on that Hannah didn’t know about. Justin for example had abuse and didn’t even have a proper home but Hannah didn’t know that and although, once again not a good excuse, he was hurt so bad and by the end of the season no one cared about him, he had no family, he was a ‘reason’ a girl was dead and he almost killed himself because of it.

I realise I only went into the detail of the characters but once I started typing I couldn’t stop so sorry but if you do want more things like this then comment below and I will see you soon,



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