Welcome Back,

So parents, we love them, we hate them, but at the end of the day they are family!

Being a teen girl I often get into arguments with my parents over the smallest things but it always seems to escalate into something bigger. I thought today I would give you some advice on how to resolve things with parents or other family members xxx

Firstly lots of the time parents don’t want to be mean they either just need you to help with something or doing something for them. You may all have heard this before but during an argument lots of times ill forget because I’m angry or upset so my advice hear is to try and stay calm and think rationally, often though this might be hard so maybe after if you have said something you will  regret then the best thing to do is to say sorry whether you want to or not it is often what parents want to hear. I don’t have much advice on this point sorry because arguments are often the sorts of things you just need to have and then move on. Like a refresh!

Thank You for Reading and see you soon!



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