Welcome Back!

Today I am talking to you about walking, – that sounded pretty school assembly worthy so lets try again!

What do you do daily? Walk! Yep I know pretty standard and also pretty boring but lets think more because if I say I love going to visit beautiful houses with lots of land then it sounds like quite a nice summer outing! So think deeper… when you go out you tend to walk and I’m not sure about you but it stops me feeling so much like a potato! Some of you who are British may have heard of the National Trust, but if not or those of you who don’t, it’ s basically a company or maybe a brand? I’m not really sure but they work to restore and look after Britain’s heritage, for example old houses, pubs, gardens or even just old paths. Also after doing some more research on how many places they do in fact care for- 350 for those interested- but it is just a voluntary organisation so no one makes any profit. My family are in fact members and its great because- I’m going back to the main point here- because if we do want to go on a nice walk we can for free. If that’s going around a beautiful set of gardens or if its raining then just pop into a lovely country home and then… followed by a lovely cream tea!

So the point of this post was to share with you why I love walking and not going on massive hikes or walking miles but just where you can go if you walk or what you can do if you get out and about. Some of you may know how I have a… passion -shall we say- for shopping and the fact that I do have the ability to walk and do those things is something amazing. This post wasn’t and appeal for charity but whilst writing I decided to encourage you to support charities not just for people without legs but also for others.

On a lighter note here is a question for you all… if you had a cream tea- scone, jam and cream- would you put the cream then the jam on or the other way? My answer is cream then jam but I would love to know what you do because it always intrigued me! And may I get into the well known debate of scones? Is it a ‘scon’ or a  ‘scone’?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on Wednesday!!



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