Welcome Back!

Recently I have been finding that I have started caring less about  what other people think and more about how I find myself and not just trying to fit in but to be some one other people might find more interesting and unique. I thought today would share with you a few things that I think are important to ‘find yourself’.


Lots of teen girls often go out of their way to find an outfit that is what everyone is wearing and is completely the same, and I have to say I am completely part of that group to, you know the blue jeans, trainers bomber jacket and vest top type of girl. Well recently I have been trying to find clothes that really suit me and the right colours and what shops I like. Lots of my friends are obsessed by Victoria Secret, H&M and Topshop and honestly used to also ‘be obsessed’ meaning saying I was to fit in but after looking around more I have found genuine shops that I like that maybe aren’t the most fashionable. For example I love Hollister maybe that might be really basic where you are reading this but in my area not so much. So what I’m trying to say is don’t just copy everyone else- find your own style.

Music and TV,

I’m not sure about you but I really don’t like the Kardashians, I can hear many of you slamming your laptops shut as I write this but I honestly don’t find the appeal that other girls my age seem to find, honestly I prefer older romance shows rather than reality shows like many people do these days. Also with music many people love Rihanna and Drakes music but I also don’t find them very attractive (the other half of my readers log off 🙂 ) I’m just not a fan of that type of music and in fact love Ellie Goulding and Megan Trainer instead.

Anyway instead of trying to turn this into a who I don’t like page, I think when you buy something or do something next time just think- are you really doing this for you? And if you are well that’s great!


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