Welcome Back!

So I’m not sure if I have tweeted or mentioned that last week I spent five days in Florence on a school trip as I take Italian! It was fabulous! My best friend went on the trip with me and it was one of the best experiences ever! I thought in this post I would share some photos, and a few of my favourite places we visited! -sorry for the over us of exclamation marks! oops 🙂

We stayed in a small hotel in the centre of Florence which was very near the Ponte Vecchio- meaning old bridge, and the main river that runs through Florence so it was very beautiful. Over the course of the week we visited The Boboli Gardens, The Uffizi Gallery and the Leaning Tower of Pisa so it was an incredible week!

The memories of sitting in Siena watching everyone whilst devouring Gelato will remain in my mind forever and will be greatly missed. If anyone is wondering how to make the most of a holiday the my top tips is 1, if their is an opportunity then take it because you will probably regret not doing it an are more likely to remember, and 2, take lots of photos and I for me I actually logged it, not for YouTube or a blog but just as a memory and to show everyone!

Here are some photos I thought I would share with you all!


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