Boys and more boys…

Welcome Back,

Like many other teen girls I’m sure, I tend to have crushes on boys. Sound relatable? Yeah that’s what I thought so today I thought I would share the small bit of advice that I have learnt from my early teen years.

I think the first thing that matters is the type of crush you have, so many times before I have liked a boy thinking he was the on person I wanted to be with more than anyone else but within a week I’ve gone off the guy. Yeah not the best way to get a reputation, especially when you are like me and can’t keep your own secrets! Then there are the others boys, the boys I like for months on end and everything I do seems to revolve around them.

I have to tell you that I don’t have much success with boys, I usually flirt to much or don’t flirt at all and, let me tell you something, my last boyfriend was probably in year six, when I was aged 11 so if you came here wanting advice on what to do well sorry but I do have excellent advice on what not to!

I think speaking to the person you like is really important because if you don’t and then suddenly realise their personality is not quite as you thought, then suddenly you need a way to get out of it. Also it is nice to just talk to the person who you like even if it is to fulfil some random aspiration. Becoming friends is a good thing because although everyone says don’t get friend zoned I personally think that just because you are friends it doesn’t mean you can’t date because if they don’t like you then, then the chances are that they don’t like you anyway.

If after a while you do become good friends and they make the effort to talk to you then I actually do think you should tell them because if you are friends then they will listen and they will understand.

Once, I had a friend and I gradually found myself falling for him, I ended up telling him although I can’t remember the exact conversation but I do know he didn’t mind- if anything he was flattered! I just think being scared doesn’t do anyone any good . We did fall out but for many other reasons, although to this day he was the first person I genuinely really liked so for the past year and a bit my heart still moves when I see him and I don’t know if that will change but I think I just need to move past it and if that is what happens with a  crush then you also need to find a way to move on.

Thank You for reading, I will see you soon.




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