Welcome Back!

Today I am talking to you about a bit of a different topic, things I don’t like about myself. I think lots of You tubers or Bloggers who post often don’t show what is bad about themselves and can understands why, I mean who would want to share a video with them being really moody or mean, I would be very scared of what people think of me. That is one of the problems with social media I think, lots of people just share their good sides or sides that get sympathy but not their mean side and most people do because no one is perfect.

So today I thought I would share what I don’t like about myself a my bad things, because this account is supposed to be relatable and it can’t be if all you see is me being some magical angel (which I am definitely not) !! Some of my bad points I have tried to overcome and in some cases it almost has so here you go!

Firstly is my meanness: when I was in year 8- 13 years old- I was horrible to everyone and would completely snap out at everyone for everything and even if they hadn’t done anything wrong I would still say something mean to them for no reason and it lost me a lot of friends that I really regret losing. As I neared the end of year 8 I decided to change and gradually I did, I can’t really remember how but I do know it was hard and took lots of effort. Now I do have phases where I am still horrible for no apparent reason but most of the time I am much nicer to everyone and I like to hope my friends would agree!!

My other two weaknesses are being vain and self-centred, these two I have overcome very slightly but not a very significant amount and it makes me sad because I would love to be the type of girl that is confident without always checking themselves in the mirror and always asking everyone around them how they look or how they are. So if you do have any tips on how to be less vain and self centred I would genuinely love to hear them.

I haven’t listed all my bad point because lets be honest I don’t really want to spend my evening thinking of how bad I am because that really wouldn’t help my self-esteem!

Anyway thank you for reading and I will see you on Wednesday! xxx



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