April favourites!!

Welcome Back,

In my last favourites post I wasn’t sure how often I was going to do one of these, and to be honest I’m not that certain now but I think I will try to every two months as not only do I enjoy writing these but it also gets me trying new things and places!

I think I will start with beauty so here you go,

Firstly I have the Maybelline 24 Karat Nudes Pallet, I think I bought this midway through March and have loved it ever since! My favourite shades have to be the green one and the top left, but I have loved experimenting with the golds and purples as well!

The second pallet I have been using on a daily basis, is the Revolution Pro HD Powder Contour. I have been using it so much! The middle top two I have been using as a very light bronzer and the bottom left two for contour so far!

Onto brushes I have bought quite a few new ones this month, and also discovered two new brands that I definitely recommend! The first brand I have tried is Ollie and Olivia which I acquired during one of my many TK Max shops. I so far only have the contour set but as well as them being super cute, they are also great value for money and work wonders.

The next brushes I have been loving are the So Eco eye brushes! My Aunt bought them me last year but I hadn’t started using them properly until late Feb/ early March this year and I am already regretting the choice to not use them! The brand So Eco isn’t very well know but the bristles are very soft but not too fluffy and having washed them twice they do stay in and the glue stays stuck so it’s a win- win situation really! 🙂

Next on to Media…..

Recently my friend introduced me to a new singer and so for the last month all I have been listening to is her music. Sabrina carpenter! Some of you may know her as the girl from Girl Meets World? Unfortunately I didn’t have the privilege of Disney Chanel when I was younger so I purely know her through her music! My favourite songs of her have to be Thumbs and Smoke and Fire which I think are everyone else’s favs as well but what can I say? I’m a basic teen girl!

Next is the SacconeJolys and I have a feeling many of you will already know them and I’ve been watching them for about 4 years but they just had a new little Princess and they are such a wonderful family that I had to share my love!

The t.v show I have been loving lately is The Vampire Diaries and I’m not sure if it needs much explaining but it is amazing and has me laughing and crying all the way through!

Finally not in media but in Food I have discovered Kiwis, and I say that as if I didn’t know they existed but never really found them that interesting but lately I just came to love them and that’s the story of why I have them daily!

Thank You for reading, I would love to hear what you guys have been loving recently. Bye and see you on Sunday! xxx


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