Welcome Back,

I think for our generation it is really hard trying to find who you are because of the amount of people who we have the option to look up to. And sometimes you may think you have found your idol but then they do something and it makes you question whether you want to be like them or you just copy them.

The thing to know when finding someone who you aspire to be like is that you need to remember that they aren’t human so they will make mistakes but also that it doesn’t mean you can’t try and be like their good side.

The woman that I love and look up to is Emma Watson pretty, nice , talented, and determined, that is what I love about her. But, I also love Blake lively and how great of a mum she is, and Marylyn Monroe and how she lives throughout history.

So I think the best way to find an idol is to find the people you love, Kim Kardashian or your Mum and take the bits you find inspirational about them and make a mould of who you want to be like.

I hope you liked this post, I recently have been trying to find who I am and I think lots of other girls like me might be as well so I hope this helps or if not then let me know what does as I would love to hear.


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