Having a Good Spring!

Welcome Back!

So we are already near the end of March and I have to say it has gone very quickly! But that means summer is approaching and I feel like I really haven’t made the most of Spring yet. So here are my top 5 ways to enjoy Spring before it has gone.

My first point is to enjoy the outdoors, spring is such a great time because the weather is perfect for going on walks with friends, family or just alone. I love going on walks with my friends because although it may seem rather ‘uncool’, it is so fun and just laughing in such an open space is the best thing.

Secondly is using your time wisely. If you wake up a bit early don’t spend hours on your phone, get out of bed and do something productive. For example if I wake up early on a Saturday I do some homework because it is so much easier when my mind is fresh. Or do some exercise like going for a run or walk.

Next I encourage you to switch up your room and life style so everything is more bright which can influence you attitude so it’s more positive. I usually add a couple of touches like flowers to my room to not only add a nice smell but also a good scent to my room.

Another thing I love to do is visit places. Not very specific but true, anywhere that has something to do, whether just high street shopping, or sitting in a café watching people going by. It is just nice to be able to do something.

Finally I think that having something you enjoy is important because of everyday you wake up wanting it to be another time then you won’t ever be happy about what you’re doing and therefore won’t enjoy Spring!

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on Sunday xxx


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