Spare Time…

If any of you follow me on twitter then you will know that quite often I get back from school and just watch TV, scroll through social media or read blog posts. I’m not saying that it’s bad, just that it is best to do it within reason and that means doing other things as well, so I thought since I am trying to do some things when I’m bored, I would share them with you!

One of my favourite things to do is to read, and read and read, when you get into a good book and love it so much there is nothing you want more than to sit down and read for hours on end. My last post was a book favourites so if you are stuck for things to read head over and check it out!

Another thing I have been loving recently is baking and cooking. There is something great about smelling delicious food throughout the house and then getting to eat it whilst feeling so proud that you made it yourself! On Friday I found myself scrolling through Pinterest once again so decided to make a cake, and I can tell you I loved it! I made the most delicious St Clements cake and everyone in my house liked it so that made me happy too!

Another thing that I think most of you girls love is to shop! My friends will probably say I shop too much but what’s the harm in just wondering round shops and buying something random, unnecessary, but wonderfully great and will look great under the bed! Honestly though, if you’ve had a bad week or just want to relax, then just take a stroll around town and you will feel just as new or at least have an emptier purse!

Lots of you might have other things you love and I would really like to hear what so let me know down below xx


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