These are a few of my favourite books!!

Welcome back!

As a lot of you may know, I have a very big passion for reading. My room has to be full of books, everywhere, and I’m afraid to say they don’t always stay in the bookshelf! I thought today I would share a few of my favourite with you, because, I’m not sure if you’ll agree but having someone recommend there favourites helps me to find my next author and genre I love!

I think I’ll start with a classic, Harry Potter! Need I say any more? Well, for the minority who haven’t read these books you are most definitely missing out and I’m not going to waste my breathe explaining them to you. I think that even if you haven’t read them, you know what they are about! My favourite of the series though has to be Order of the Phoenix, so much happens and I feel like the characters really mature and grow throughout.

I could sit and talk about Harry Potter all day but I don’t have that much time! Recently i have been loving action, romance books, the fact that they have that lustre of romance but still have the excitement. The two series I have loved are Red Queen and Throne of Glass! The Red Queen books are incredible, the characters are so well written and thought out that you come to love them, I haven’t yet read the finale book- King’s Cage, but I extremely excited to see what happens. Both, Red Queen and Throne of Glass have such well written story lines that I easily find my self switching between hatred, romance, sadness and jealousy through out! I’ll try not to spoil anything, but Throne of Glass has so many plot twists and changes of heart and you come to love them all so much and have your heart broke almost as much as theirs!

My next book was one I actually got given as a present and loved so, so, so much! I think in a shop I wouldn’t have necessarily picked this up but once read it I knew I had t read more like it so read two others by the author. Silence is Goldfish, Ketchup Clouds and My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece, by Annabel Pitcher. All three shows such deep emotions and touch on much more everyday subjects that many people experience but the way they are portrayed are what makes it such a lovely read.

Finally I want to share with you a book I discovered on my Kindle around August last year, it was free so I though I might as well give it a try, Fallen Star. Although it was free, I fell in love and found myself buying the next and the next and the next! They are fiction and are set in this world with so many extra things, but within this story of a lonely girl and the monsters of the world she find love and I think that’s what made me love it so much.

I know lots of these genres are very similar but I highly recommend them and suggest you check them out. I love to read loads so I think every few months I will share my favourites with you. If you have any of your own then please, please, please share them down below I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, xxx


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