Skincare Routine

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I hope you all had a good week,

Anyway, today I am sharing my skincare routine with you all. One of the most common question people ask is how to get rid of spots and I suppose I could do a post on that but I think the best way is to get a good routine that you follow morning and night and then you will find you skin clearing up almost like magic! My routine is mostly the same morning and night except for removing any makeup. But I am writing about my morning routine.

So when I wake up the first thing I do is to drink some water, yes that isn’t really skincare but it does help to get rid of spots and it does make my skin glow so that why I have included it.

Then I cleanse my face using the Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Water, it makes me feel fresher and gets me ready for the day! I have quite sensitive skin so the whole Brand is very good for me so I would recommend it.

I then use the Simple Facial Toner and once again it keeps my face feeling fresh and without a reaction!

I then moisturise because my skin often changes from very dry to very oily so I have to try and keep a balance. I use another Simple Product, the Kind to Skin protecting light moisturiser.

img_1843For the average day I finish with the Boots Own tee tree spot wand to get rid of any spots coming or that have arrived. However once or twice a week I exfoliate using the simple smoothing facial scrub with rice granules. I used to have a very dry forehead but then my friend recommended this to me and I have to say it amazing, my head is now smooth and great so I’m going to give it a thumbs up!

Thanks for Reading, check out my last post, it was a much more chatty post! I hope you liked see you again on Wednesday! xx


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