Let’s have a talk…

So recently I have mostly been posting about my favourites and what I have been doing, but I am going to start doing more chatty posts like this one. When I started this blog I wanted it to be a place for teen girls to relate to and discuss anything on their mind so I could help them on a blog post or anonymously through e-mail, but I feel like I have become just like every other blogger out there and am posting the exact same things as them when in reality I don’t want this to be a blog that shows what you should all be like but a space where we are all equal and helping each other getting to different places!

I think often all of us teen girl look at YouTubers like Zoella and watch what they wear and how they eat and see how they can become the next person like that, and its great what amazing role models they can become but we also need to remember that we aren’t all exactly the same and we aren’t all going to become famous. That was one of the reasons I do this blog anonymously for now, because it means I can help you all out and share my opinions without you all wanting exactly what I have and trying to be exactly like me.

I want everyone on here to feel like they can contact me whenever, whether they have had a bad day or had a good one and want to share it, I am on my computer the majority of day so I can confirm that unless I have said I will be away I will reply within 48 hours and help you out as best as I can! I really do appreciate those who read my blog and even if there is only one person reading this I will carry on because if I make you happy and I make you feel better then its a great thing to do and I love doing it.

So a reminder, contact me at anytime about anything and I will listen to you.



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