Being a teenager is not easy at all, but there are so many things out there that we sometimes need that little push to do it. Motivation!

I can relate to sooo many of you who are scared of failing something or embarrassing themselves. But honestly some of the things I am scared or don’t want to do are things know I will be great at or love.

One time my friend was desperate to be in this school performance we do every year and since I walked home with her I stayed at the meeting to see what it was about. I sat with her on the hard drama floor and listened to the teachers talking about The Sound of Music! It was one of my favourite musicals but I was so scared of what people would think, I might embarrass myself or I might hate it that I didn’t go to anymore meetings and I didn’t take part in the show that I loved. So for the whole of the spring and summer term I had to listen to my friend rave about how much fun it was and how many new friends she had made at rehearsals and all I could think was how jealous I was but also the fact I had no one to blame but myself and I promised myself I wouldn’t let fear stop me from doing anything I loved. And I wont lie during the next year I still backed out of things I was scared to do, but when the meeting came again I went with the same friend and I stayed and I listened. I could still feel the fear inside of me but I knew I would regret leaving so I waited until it was over and marched to the notice board and signed my name down. It was amazing, yes I was still scared and so many times I almost dropped out but I couldn’t bear the thought of going to see a show again and not being in it. And when finally the performance day arrived I was so embarrassed and I could feel my face going red on stage but I stood still and I remember at the end the massive applaud we all got and how good it felt! It was almost impossible to get me to sign up, a hard to stop me from backing out, and it took a firm word to keep me from running away from the stage. But when the applaud happened nothing could take me away from the stage and how proud I felt.

I hope that helped you out and I also thought I would share with you some of my favourite quotes, sometimes when I am feeling sad or having a bad day scrolling though Instagram or Pinterest can help so much. All the millions of quotes posted daily can suite everyone.

Here you go… see you next time and leave any experiences in the comments or contact me for any more advice on any topic xxx

“Ten years from today make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.”

“When a child is walking and falls down 50 times, they don’t say to themselves -maybe this isn’t for me…”

“Sometimes there is no second chance, no time out, no next time, sometimes its now or never.”


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