Welcome Back!!

So lots of you will know that I spent last week in Tenerife so I thought I would share a few photos and what I did!

I have been to Tenerife quite often over the years because my grandparents have an apartment there so we go on holiday with them, we stay in on the edge of Tenerife near sea and I have to say, its great to wake up and see the crystal sea instead of February traffic outside my window! The one thing that stands out to me is the lack of internet and Wi-Fi, it means that for the few weeks in advance I spend my time manically finding someone do my Snapchat streaks but once I arrive on the blissful sands I easily forget about the online world and take a well earned break. This generation has become almost reliant on technology but no matter how many of our parents moan about it and tell us about ‘the good old days’ our generation is our life and our space even if sometimes its nice to pretend all those problems don’t exist for a few days.

I won’t bore you with a day to day schedule of what I did last week but I will share some of my favourite things and any recommendations for anyone spending some time there!

First of all is Siam Park , the number one water park in the world so does it need any more explaining?? Well okay… the Tai feel to the place is gorgeous and the lazy river circling the whole place certainly adds that touch of serenity to it as well as the vertical death slide into a shark tank that suites the hearts of you thriller lovers out there!

Then obviously there is the food and sunshine, I mean what could be better than have delicious tapas on a golden beach without a care in the world! If you haven’t tried tapas, well firstly you haven’t lived but secondly it’s a variety of Spanish and Canarian specialties such as fish or succulent meats…

Obviously there are so many more wonderful things that I loved whilst away but I do have some pictures to share although not many as you will soon find photography is most definitely not my strong point!


img_1992-editedimg_1985-editedimg_1980-editedimg_1966-editedThank you so much if you read and please follow me for new posts every Sunday and Wednesday at 5pm and I would love to here from you xx


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