My February Favourites

Welcome Back, So I thought since it’s the end of the winter months I would write about the things I’ve loved over the past months… my February favourites! I’m unsure yet if I’ll do monthly favourites or just seasonal but it may change about a bit and I’ll be sure to let you know!

I think I’ll start with Beauty, I don’t have that many, I think I have just been using the same few very recently so I’m going to have to shopping and mix things up!

Seventeen Birthday Suite pallette: you may have seen this in my drugstore makeup post, and I also mentioned that unfortunately it is no longer for sale which disappointed me and then, hoping to be proven wrong, I checked in store and the website was correct 😦 But I have to say it is one of my faves so I’ll have to use it sparingly. The shades are gorgeous, and it includes an eye primer, 3 pearl shades, 3 matte and 5 shimmer shades and they are all spectacular! Here’s a picture and maybe if you hunt around you will find something similar, be sure to let me know!

cropped-seventeen-easy-on-the-eye-birthday-suit-palette-review-2Victoria Secret Love Addict Mist: Obviously the fact that its pink is a hit but also the smell is luscious, I have been wearing it continuously over the past couple of weeks and have had numerous compliments on it! The scent is quite fruity which I love but if you prefer the sweeter scents then maybe this isn’t for you.

Boots On The Move Wash bag: I bought this in late January because I needed a but of a change rather than just my old one so whilst roaming the isle of boots I found this one and fell in love, the light grey map work on the sides don’t stand out a mile but still have that extra bit of detail, and the yellow zip and seems contrast perfectly, creating a great combination! I can’t seem to find it online but I have left a link to matching vanity case so if you like the idea of it you can find it in store. It is also a bit larger in size than my last one so for short trips I can fit my makeup in as well hopefully.

Next I think I’ll mix up fashion and lifestyle because there are only a few items…

Cosy Hoodies, I have to say before this year I had never really found the appeal of oversized hoodies but I’m sure you will all be glad to know that has changed! I was strolling through the H&M sales and found the most amazing hoodie ever. It is cropped but so far I have worn it with high-waisted jeans, I have it in marl grey, purely because I preferred it to plain grey. I got in size medium as I wanted it slightly bigger and not too cropped and as an added bonus it was on sale for only £9! Its perfect

I then discovered my love for vest tops, I know for almost everyone else they are an essential but like hoodies I had never got round to trying them yet, but once I had bought my first one in plum I found myself traipsing back to the store to get it in green and black!

Shearer Candles Vanilla and Coconut Candles: I love the smell of this candle, the freshness of the coconut compliments the sweetness of the warm vanilla scent perfectly. It creates the great smell that brings me to the upcoming spring and away from the dreary, dark and dismal February days.

Next, on to Media I want to share with you my favourite online superstars as well as music and my favourite apps.

Recently I came across an Instagram page that I loved and then, discovering she had a YouTube Channel and Blog I spent the next few days binge reading and watching her thoughts on fashion and beauty. Let me introduce to you Molly, aka Beauty Spectrum. She is a teenage girl living in Britain and sharing her life over a blog, YouTube channel and Instagram. Her relatable personality is great and she will definitely make it in the world, here are a few of her links… Instagram, Blog, YouTube.

In music I have been loving Little Mix’s Glory Day album, my favourite songs from it being ‘oops’ and ‘f.u’ they both have such upbeat cheerful lyrics and rhythms that I love! Then like most people I have been loving Ed Sheeran’s comeback with ‘Shape of You’ and also ‘Castle on the Hill’ both very catchy songs!

Pinterest : I have to say I’m in love with Pinterest at the moment, click on the link to check out my board and see what i’m loving at the moment in clothes, beauty, and interior design!

I’m going to finish off with my favourite film at the moment, one that I have truly enjoyed watching multiple times, Veronica Mars. A murder film with ex-boyfriends, and teenage dramas… I love it!! Some of you may or may not have seen it, rated a 12 and was out in 2014 starring Kristen Bell.

Anyway thank you for reading and I’ll see you on Wednesday with my Tenerife post!!





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