Winter Candles

So it’s snowing outside, I’m sitting here freezing my feet off and I need to write a blog post due for Wednesday, lucky for me when this goes up I’ll be on the warm sandy beaches of Tenerife! 🙂

But I thought as the winter months draw to an end I should do my favourite candles from the last couple of months, I’ll link them so you can finish the cold days with a deliciously smelling home.

I’m obviously going to start with my all time favourite, the Yankee Candle Fireside Treats! It smells wonderfully like toasted marshmallows with the slight hint of the wood burning, it brings me back to the December evenings in front of the fire!

Since its been Christmas I think I’ll share my favourite Christmas candles with you all. It isn’t Christmas eve without the scent of Yankee Candles Christmas Eve candles wafting through the downstairs and creating the excitement of the coming day. The smell of winter berries creates the perfect atmosphere.

Then of course there are those few days between Christmas and New Year where you still eat leftover turkey and over all feel fulfilled with life although maybe feeling slightly sad about the prospect of waiting a whole year to do the exact same regime. These are the times when you remember the fun you just had and you guessed it, there’s a candle to do just that. The Yankee Candle Christmas Memories brings back the scent of gingerbread baking and the odours that come from the kitchen making stomachs rumble!

My final winter favourite is also a Yankee Candle and has to be the Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick! It once again brings back the scents of Christmas Baking and I have to say I adore it!

Thank you for reading once again, I thought it was a quite fitting post to finish the winter off as I said! 🙂 I hope to read about your favourites in the comments and I’ll see you on Sunday for my February Favourites, and if you haven’t seen my last post (my skin care routine) then head over and check it out! I’ll be back on Friday and look forward to reading about what you have been doing all week. xx


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