Lush Haul!

My favourite thing in January and February is to half a lovely warm bath with scented bubbles right up to my chin! But it comes to a stage where the bucket of delights comes to an end and all that’s left is the bits of left over bath bombs sitting at the bottom by themselves. So when myself and a friend were out at the weekend we found ourselves walking in to Lush, and then out again with bags full of products I was itching to try out! You guessed it, I’m going to do a lush haul, cliché I know but the fabulous shop has re-filled my basket of wonders and I wanted to share a few with you.


I think I’ll start with Bath Bombs since they are most definitely Lush’s shining star!

Firstly the Fizzbanger! This bright yellow bomb is one I’ve had before and fizzes and pops as the water hits the popping candy hidden inside! It opens up to reveal the lovely cinnamon scent and a blue, yellow and green inside which turn the bath a delightful colour!

I then roamed around a bit more and found two new ones I’ve never tried out before, the Tisty Tosty and the Blackberry. After speaking with the lovely shop assistant Sharon, I discovered that the Tisty Tosty is actually based off a medieval love potion which definitely intrigued me! The Blackberry Bath bomb is actually one I have been meaning to get my hands on for a while now as having seen the luscious purple in a test at the shop made me fall in love!

After doing a couple more circuits of the bath bomb counter my basket soon had two new additions, the Sex Bomb and the Sakura both two of my all time favourites, the sex bomb with its purples and pinks and the Sakura with its well-known cherry blossom scent that I love!

I then picked up a few other bits and bobs to try out and I am very excited to share them with you. The shop was jam-packed as I strolled around but a certain product caught  my eye, the Shimmy Shimmy Shimmer Bar. After reading about it on the sign, I realised it was a must have! A product that makes me shimmer, glow and moisturises my skin and it doesn’t need water or a product that covers my hands! It sounded like a miracle and i have to say im excited to see if dreams really can come true.

I then picked up the bubblegum lip scrub to stop my horrible chapped winter lips from getting worse and make them lovely again for spring and summer!

Finally after spending a good 20 minutes prying my fingers away from the newly set up valentines day stall I entered the queue and found a new item in my basket, the much loved Prince Charming shower gel! It has to be one of my favourite lush products and i spend a good half of my showers smelling that instead of actually washing myself and the gorgeous pink tones and sweet scent are just perfect.

I hope you liked my lush haul and that it was vaigly different and interesting, and not too similar to the other thousands online. 🙂

I hope to see you on Sunday! I have a makeup post that I need to plan so I’ll see you then xx p.s I know some of you will know that I am in Tenerife next week so unfortunately I wont be able to message you until next Friday 😦 but don’t worry I have two posts scheduled to go up… a drugstore makeup routine and a candle favourites post!!

I really do want to know what you guys want me to write about and if you leave a link to your twitter I will follow and shout out you out!! but make sure you are following me;)



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