Preparing for Summer!

 Welcome Back!

So its that time of the year where everybody starts looking at and booking holidays! I’m very excited for the summer too, but before then I’m going to Italy and Tenerife so I’ll be sure to do posts on them. But back to the point, lots of you will be googling how to get fit, how to lose weight and so on so I thought I would tell you my top tips for a summer body!

My first tip has to be Water, it’s practically a miracle worker! Not only does water keep you hydrated and stop you from feeling tired, but it also makes your skin glow. It’s just seems to solve all problems and guess what.. it also helps you to lose weight. Yeah that’s right, because water speeds up your metabolism so therefore your lose weight. Lots of you out there were probably like me, only having a drink at mealtimes which for me makes about 3 glasses of water a day. Not good. So by doing some research I found an app, and the best part, its free! There are lots of similar apps out there but the one I have been using is called My Water and as well as reminding me to drink you can gain achievements and it figures out how much you should be drinking a day!

Next is Fitness, so obviously one of the best ways to get fit is to do exercise but for many people they find it hard to find the time to go to the gym so I though I’d talk about my two favourite ways you can look great for summer!

Hiit workouts, these are great because by doing one 5-10 minute workout a day it takes up no time and you still feel the benefit.  These are also good because they range from beginners to advanced. You can find these all over YouTube but one of my favourites is Lucy Wyndham-Reed so if you have a spare 10 minutes head over there and do a workout!

My final excersise is walking, just by going for a half an hour walk you can still get the benefits of fresh air and burn some calories whether its with a friend, a dog or just by yourself its easy and free to do.

My final tip for getting fit for summer is food! I’m not suggesting go on a diet or to only drink juices but I am telling you to eat healthy. When your back from school or work and starving don’t eat 10 slices of cake, have some fruit my personal favourite at the moment are kiwis! Make sure you eat healthy foods but also treating yourself to a treat each day. If you usually binge eat whenever your bored then set yourself some rules. Remember to make sure that they arn’t all ‘don’ts’ though. These are my five that I always try to follow! 

  • Only have sugary drinks at weekends if any,
  • Have one treat a day
  • Keep track of what you eat

Thanks for reading see you on Wednesday! I’ll be replying to all comments xx


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