Dealing with my Problems…


So I before now I have always kept a diary and it has really helped me when I have felt down or just had a lot on my mind. But today I was having a bad time and my friend gave me some advice that really made me think, I decided that over the years I have learnt a lot and have been given lots of good advice and some of it I think lots of you will benefit from. So I decided that by writing an anonymous blog I could share thought and help for other teen girls just like me.

I thought I would start off by writing a post about what helped me today, I wont got into the details but give you enough information to help anyone else out who had a problem like me.

I know this boy and we used to be very close but unfortunately we fell out over and over again and ended on a bad note. I keep on finding myself missing him though and ever time I see him I just feel really sad because of the massive hole that he left. Over the past 10 months I have been trying to get over him and nothing I have tried has ever worked for me. I was telling my closest friend about it earlier and she said something that I hadn’t thought about before. “You don’t always need to solve the problem, you just need to find a way to get around it” This helped me because in the past I just thought about what I could do to stop it but now I realise that I just need to move around it and yes I know I might still hurt but eventually the pain will numb and at one point I may find that it has solved itself.

I hope this helps you or if not then let me know what advice you have been given or any experiences that are similar, I really would love to help you all so tell me what I should write about xx


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